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During your stay on Ocracoke Island, we wholeheartedly invite you to relax and enjoy the essence of true island living. Savor the slower pace. Enjoy the sun, the breeze and the taste of salt air. Take advantage of the spectacular views by catching both our gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Tap into our restful way of life and remember ... YOU'RE HERE TO UNWIND!!

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During your stay on Ocracoke, be sure to visit the island's "Pirate's Chest" gift shop. Not only do they have the "scoop" on island information but also the largest t-shirt, shell and souvenir selection in town.

Note: As much as we try to stay current, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our "things to see and do" information. Therefore, we suggest that you contact individuals or organizations directly for off-season hours and updates and please let us know if you discover changes.

Yadkin Bank ATM ATM - You'll find the local ATM on the front porch of the Yadkin Bank at 782 Hwy. 12. Call 252-928-5231 for banking hours.
Auto Repairs Auto Rapair - Vehicle trouble on the island? Jimmy's Garage is conveniently located just off Hwy. 12 on Ocean View Road across from the Pony Island Restaurant. While they may not stock the part you need, their reputation for obtaining parts in a timely manner (remember the ferry) is outstanding. Reach them at 252-928-6603.
Ocracoke School Basketball Court & Playground Basketball - Along the Back Road, next to the Ocracoke School and Library, are a basketball court and playground that may be used after school hours. Bring your own ball.Up
Ocracoke Beach Bonfire
Beach Bonfire - Evenings on the beach provide wonderful opportunities for sitting around a bonfire to toast marshmallows, share ghost stories or even sing. If you're really lucky, you might even glimpse the spectacular sight of an occasional glow of phosphorous visible in the waves breaking on shore during a dark night. Sometimes even crabs glow eerily. Check National Park Service (NPS) regulations for how to obtain your beach fire permit.Up

Drive Ocracoke  Beach

Beach Exploration - In 1953, Cape Hatteras became the first National Seashore in the United States. Since then, all but 1,000 Ocracoke Village acres have been owned by the NPS and protected from development. The remainder of the island's Pamlico sound side marshes and Atlantic white sand beaches afford some of the best shore exploration in the U.S. Boardwalks over the dunes and plenty of off-road parking allow easy access to beachfront for walking. If you have an off-road vehicle, you may explore certain sections of the park in your vehicle. Operation of a vehicle off paved roads requires a permit and is allowed only on marked routes or on designated portions of the beach. Check NPS regulations for how to obtain your vehicle use permit.

In case you break down or get stuck on Ocracoke... beach towing is provided by Jesse Spencer Auto Repair & Service 252-928-6160 or 252-928-8111.

Don't own an off-road vehicle? Call Kelton Williams at Beach Ride for half or full-day use of 4x4 rentals at 252-916-0133 or 252-928-0007.

Metal detectors and fireworks are prohibited on NPS beaches at all times.

Need beach umbrellas, chairs, etc? Try Beach Outfitters 252-928-6261 at Ocracoke Realty along Hwy. 12.Up

Bicycle Ocracoke Island

Bicycle, Golf Cart & Scooter Rentals - Undoubtedly the best way to get around Ocracoke, golf carts, bicycles or scooters are not only fun to use but environmentally cleaner and much easier to navigate along narrow Ocracoke streets and in parking lots. Note: golf carts are restricted to use by licensed drivers and within village limits only.

  • BIKES incl. tandems & kids: Beach Outfitters 252-928-6261, Hwy. 12 at Ocracoke Realty
  • BIKES incl. tag-a-longs, trailers & baby seats: Slushy Stand, Hwy. 12 at Silver Lake Drive in the village
  • GOLF CARTS: Ocracoke Golf Cart, Hwy. 12 near the Ocracoke Station
  • SCOOTERS: Wheelie Fun Scooter Rentals 252-928-6661, Hwy 12 at Anchorage Marina in the villageUp
Bike Repair Bicycle Repair - Although the island's bike shop is officially closed during the off-season, owner Paul Pierro says that he's often available by phone at 908-216-2158. The shop can be located at 402 Back Road. Look for the weathered wooden sign for Ocracoke Wheels.
Ocracoke Island Birding
Birding - Nearly 400 species of birds have been sighted within Cape Hatteras National Seashore and its surrounding waters. This impressive number is due to a location on the Eastern Flyway, varied habitats and strong winds and storms that often bring exhausted vagrants to our shores. While birding is always exciting on Ocracoke, the greatest variety of species occurs during spring and fall migrations. Watch for migratory shorebirds at inlet tidal flats. Ocracoke is a wintering ground for tundra swans, Canadian geese and over 25 species of ducks. We've found both the National Parks Service Visitor's Center and the Ocracoke library to be excellent resources for birders. Call 252-928-4361 or 252-928-5431 for boat expeditions with the Austins.Up

Ocracoke's Teach's Hole Historical Marker

Blackbeard Exhibit - In 1718, Lt. Robert Maynard took on Blackbeard the pirate. After the smoke cleared and Blackbeard (aka Edward Teach) was reportedly found with five bullet holes and twenty-five stab wounds, Maynard’s sailors put Blackbeard’s head on their bowsprit marking an end to the outlaw's 18-month spree of terrorism along the North Carolina coast. Ocracoke is filled with Blackbeard references. Be sure to visit Teach's Hole Blackbeard Exhibit, 935 Irvin Garrish Hwy 12 for a life-size recreation of Blackbeard in full battle dress, model ship, weapons display, original art, artifacts and an eight-minute documentary. Call 252-928-1718 for spring and fall hours. It's closed in winter.Up

Ocracoke Boat Charters

Boating, Charters & Sailing - A wide range of boating opportunities exist around the harbor. All-day chartered fishing expeditions, guided tours, boat rentals, Portsmouth Island tours (see Portsmouth section), sunset cruises and sailing adventures can be arranged. Just stroll the harbor and ask for particulars.

  • Austin Boat Tours & Guides 252-928-4361 or 252-928-5431
  • Capt. Reid Robinson & Devereaux 252-921-0120. Ask Robinson about whale watches too.
  • Restless Native Boat Rentals 252-928-1421 or 252-921-0011 offer 18-24' Carolina Skiffs with shade tops for fishing or sightseeing expeditions at off-season prices.
  • Love sailing? Call the schooner Windfall II or the historic skipjackWilma Lee (on the National Register of Historic Places) for reservations at 252-928-7245. The Windfall II carries up to 6 passengers for sunset or charter cruises by the hour while the Wilma Lee offers trips for private events (up to 42 passengers).
  • Pedal Boat Rentals 252-928-0007 or 252-916-0133

Have your own boat? A public boat launching ramp is located in the village parking lot near Silver Lake Harbor.Up

Ocracoke's British Cemetery
British Cemetery - From January through July 1942, in what was known as "Torpedo Alley," German U-boats sank 397 ships filled with food, supplies, and oil in U. S. Atlantic waters and killed 5,000 people -- a majority of whom were civilians and merchant marines. With initial US naval efforts concentrated in the Pacific, only one ship was sent to patrol the southeast coast. To protect American lives and vital supplies bound for England, Churchill sent a flotilla of anti-submarine craft to patrol Atlantic shipping lanes. One such ship, the H.M.S. Bedfordshire, was torpedoed by a U-boat 40 miles off Cape Lookout on May 11, 1942. All hands were lost and the bodies of four sailors washed ashore on Ocracoke. Donating their services and land for a British Cemetery, the people of Ocracoke buried the dead in a tiny plot of land along British Cemetery Road that has been forever ceded to England and is maintained by the Ocracoke Coast Guard..Up
Ocracoke Bulletin Board
Bulletin Boards - Looking for the inside "scoop" about what's happening on the island? Check local bulletin boards at the Community Square Visitors Center (on the harbor), the Variety Store (along Hwy. 12) and the Post Office (along Hwy. 12). You'll find notices about everything from dances and potluck dinners to yard sales and yoga.Up
Ocracoke Clamming
Clamming - Learn from an expert. Join Capt. Ryan O'Neal aboard his Tarheel 252-928-4841 or 252-928-8064. Also available for flounder giggin', light tackle fishing and night trips in the Pamlico Sound.Up
Ocracoke Community Center

Community Center - The community building 252-928-3162 is located on Hwy. 12 across from the Variety Store. Activities may include anything from bingo to dancing and exercise to musical performances. Check local bulletin boards or sign out front for events. Available for group events.Up

Ocracoke Crabbing

Crabbing - Did you know that with as little as a piece of string, a weight, and a raw chicken neck, you can catch your own dinner? Read our Crabbing Regulations page containing state regulations and tips on how to catch, how to identify and how to cook. Yum!Up

Dining - Although most local restaurants close for at least a part of the winter, visitors are never without a few rotating dining choices. Check the news at ocracokecurrent.com then call the restaurant for hours!

  • Jason's 252-928-3434, Hwy. 12
  • Dajio Restaurant 252-928-7119, Hwy. 12 in the village
  • Gaffers Sports Pub 252-928-3456, Hwy. 12
  • Topless Oyster Restaurant 252-928-2800, Hwy 12
Ocracoke Weddings

Event Planning - Looking for someone to plan a wedding, order flowers or organize an event? Look no further.

  • Ocracoke Occasions 252-928-3401 special event planning for weddings, business meetings, parties, honeymoons, family reunions, etc.Up
Ocracoke Fishing

Fishing - From float to surf to deep-sea, Ocracoke is a fishing dream! With too many resources to list here, we suggest that you walk around Silver Lake Harbor to check out everything from bait to charters or see our Boating & Charters section above.

To get the scoop on current fishing conditions and suggested tackle, try stopping by Tradewinds Bait & Tackle Shop 252-928-5491. Better yet, visit them online before you pack for your trip at www.fishtradewinds.com. Their web site and facebook page are great resources to study fish identification, check derby leaders and peruse daily fishing reports.Up

Fitness workout

Fitness - Free workouts at the Ocracoke Community Center, Hwy. 12 across from the Ocracoke Station, are held regularly during the off-season. Aerobics, toning, strength building & more. Equipment provided. Other options include:

  • Angie's Gym 252-928-2496, fitness center for cardio, strength & free weight classes, massage, sauna & shower
  • Amy Hilton at 252-921-0182, year-round yoga
Ocracoke Flights

Flightseeing - The best way to appreciate the uniqueness of Ocracoke's position in the Atlantic is undoubtedly by air. Gain a new perspective of Ocracoke & the Outer Banks, view schools of fish, dolphins, sea turtles, whales, sharks & shipwrecks or try your hand at aerial photography.

  • Coastal Helicopters 252-928-575, tours & charters anywhere on the Outer Banks
  • Burrus Flying Service 252-986-2679, out of Hatteras.Up
Annabelle's Florist Floral Services - Need flowers for a special event? Call Annabelle's Florist at 252-928-4541. She's located located at 324 Back Road.
Ocracoke Variety Store Groceries - The largest selection of groceries on the island, along with a few household items, can be found at the Ocracoke Variety Store along Hwy. 12. Call 252-928-4911 for hours.
Hammock Hills Nature Trail on Ocracoke Island
Hammock Hills Nature Trail - Walking the Hammock Hills Nature Trail will wind you through several ecosystems — dunes, salt marsh and low maritime forests. Plaques along the .75-mile (1.2-kilometers) path provide notes on pine forest and wetlands ecology and a platform provides the opportunity to view long-legged birds dabbling in the salt marsh edging Pamlico Sound. The trail is along Highway 12 north of the village opposite the campground. Also see Springer's Point Nature Preserve.Up
Historical Markers

Historical Markers - Ocracoke is rich with history dating back to the 1700s. Watch for historical markers throughout the islandUp


Horseshoes - Next to our J.L. Seagull cottage, you'll find a set of posts in the ground. Look on the lower level of the cottage for horseshoes.Up

Kayaking Ocracoke

Kayaking - Kayak eco tours in the Pamlico Sound and surrounding estuarine waters give paddlers the opportunity to learn about the fragile plant and animal life that inhabits our remote islands. Ride the Wind 252-928-6311, originators of Kayak Ecotours on the Outer Banks, have been offering tours since the mid '80s. Terns, pelicans, egrets, herons, many species of fish and porpoises are just some of the wildlife that paddlers may see on their tour through the waterways. Ride the Wind also provides a wide range of kayak rentals for anyone wanting to explore on their own. Call ahead for winter hours.

Bringing your own kayak or canoe? A convenient neighborhood kayak/canoe sound access is located down the paved street opposite the driveways of our two cottages. Take Sarah Ellen Dirve one block, turn left onto Aretta Street and veer right onto the dirt path toward the kayak rack.Up

Ocracoke Kites
Kite Flying - Choose your favorite from one of the many beautiful kites available at Kitty Hawk Kites, Hwy 12 on Silver Lake Harbor 252-928-4563. Everyone is a child at heart when the wind is blowing and a colorful kite is sailing. Single line and quad line kites are available for the more experienced kite enthusiast. Closed during winter.Up
WI-FI Internet Access on Ocracoke Library - Shared with Ocracoke School and located along Back Road, Ocracoke Library hours vary according to school activities and are posted on the front door. The library's onsite collection includes Civil War, WWII, Ocracoke family history and pirate resources. Collection information is available online at www.bhmlib.org/bhm/Ocracoke.htm 252-928-4436.Up
Ocracoke Lighthouse
Lighthouse - The 1823 Ocracoke light is the second oldest operating lighthouse in the nation. Although the lighthouse is not open for climbing, the beautiful site can be visited daily. Read about the history of the light.Up
Ocracoke Spa & Massage

Massage/Spa Treatment - Are you in the mood to pamper yourself or sore from reeling in too many fish? Try a relaxing massage.

  • Angie's Gym 252-928-2496, 141 Sand Dollar Road
  • Ocracoke Massage 252-928-5801, around the corner from our cottages
  • Therapeutic massage, acupressure, Reiki, Ann Ehringhaus 252-928-1311
  • Deep Blue Day Spa 252-921-0182, facial & body massage
  • Stillwater Spa & Wellness 252-588-0267, Back Road
  • Massage Therapy with Grace 253-996-0198 or 919-418-5472, Grace West, warm water massage therapy in indoor poolUp
Ocracoke's Molasses Creek

Music - Live music abounds on the island if you know where to look. Deepwater Theatre & Music Hall on School Road offers occasional live performances by Ocracoke's own Molasses Creek acoustic folk-fusion band and the Ocrafolk Opry company among others. Check their porch board, web site, or local bulletin boards for event schedules. Check other venues in our Nightlife section.

Pianist Jamie Tunnell 252-928-2679 is often available to play for special events.

Ocracoke Island National Park Service Visitors Center
National Park Service Ocracoke Island Visitors Center - The NPS Visitors Center on Ocracoke 252-475-9701 (closed Mon-Tues mid-winter) is open year round. Located near the Cedar Island Ferry Dock on Silver Lake Harbor in the village, we think it's one of the best sources for Ocracoke Island reading materials. They also have interesting exhibits, jigsaw puzzles, books for children and a whale skull in the yard. Public restrooms.Up
Ocracoke News

News of the Island - If you really want to get a feel for year-round island life, we suggest that you pay a visit to the fine web site of the Village Craftsmen. Both their Ocracoke Island Journal and Ocracoke Newsletter provide delightful insights into true Ocracoke living. In addition, visit the online Island Free Press or look for the Ocracoke Observer in shops around the village.

For an up-to-the-minute events calendar - don't miss ocracokecurrent.com!Up

Ocracoke Nightlife
Nightlife - We'll be honest. nightlife is slow during the off-season, but then that's not what attracts folks here anyway. However, if you find yourself in need of company for the evening, try Gaffer's Sports Pub 252-928-3456, Hwy. 12, or Howard's Pub 252-928-4441, Hwy. 12 until they close for the winter.Up
Ocracoke Preservation Society Museum

Ocracoke Preservation Society Museum - Plan a visit to the museum 252-928-7375 between Easter and Thanksgiving to view historical exhibits and listen to videos of old-timers speaking in island brogue. Typified by phrases like “hoi toide,” the dialect evolved from early 18th-century English coupled with southern speech patterns. If you listen closely, you may still hear snatches of it from natives around the village.

Special arrangements can occasionally be made for group visits during the off-season. Call and leave a message regarding your inquiry.Up

Photography on Ocracoke

Photography - Even if you've never held a camera, don't miss this opportunity to impress your friends back home with spectacular photos of our unique island scenery. With just a few Vacation Photography Tips, you can capture the basic essence of island photography.

Have you thought about having a family portrait made on the beach? If you'd like to hire a gifted professional to record a special occasion (wedding, anniversary, family get-together, holiday gift) call artist/photographer Ann Ehringhaus at 252-928-1311.Up

Picnicking on Ocracoke

Picnicking - Seeking a picnic location with tables or looking for someone to pack your picnic for you? Picnic sites that offer tables include the beach access across from the pony pen viewing area along Hwy. 12, the NPS campground along Hwy. 12 and the boat launch area and Visitor's Center park near the Silver Lake Harbor. If you don't mind dining from your own portable chairs or a beach towel on the sand, try the sound access via Springer's Point or any beach access area. See our Take-out section for ready-to-eats.Up

Ocracoke Banker Ponies
Ponies - The Ocracoke Wild Banker Ponies can be seen from a Hwy. 12 roadside pasture area about 5 miles north of the village. The 100+ acre site includes a roadside viewing platform and adjacent boardwalk through a section of scenic maritime forest that leads to a spectacular view of pastures and sound. Be sure to take your camera!Up
Portsmouth Island Tours

Portsmouth Island Tours - A twenty-minute boat ride from Ocracoke's Silver Lake Harbor will take you to Portsmouth Island, part of the Cape Lookout National Seashore. The deserted settlement was once a thriving port town with 685 residents in 1860. Check with the National Parks Service 252-928-4531 for village building opening & closing dates.

Portsmouth Island ATV Excursions 252-928-4484 provide seasonal guided ATV tours of the island and Austin boat tours (see Boating above) provide drop-off and pick-up service to and from the island for shelling, fishing, bird watching and exploring.Up

Ocracoke Book Stores

Reading - Our quiet cottages, nestled among pines and cedars, offer perfect secluded reading spots. Check out our favorite island sources for a great read.

  • Books To Be Red on School Road 252-928-3936 (open randomly during winter months)
  • NPS Visitors Center at Silver Lake Harbor, 252-475-9701
  • Ocracoke Library on Back Road, 252-928-4436Up
Sand Castle Construction on Ocracoke
Sand Castle Construction - Are you serious about your turret building or are you a sand pile beginner? Read our Castle Construction Tips section for professional tool selection and building trade secrets. Then, come prepared to construct an Ocracoke skyscraper!Up
Ocracoke Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving - Cooler than waters off the Florida Keys and the Caribbean Islands, offshore areas along the Outer Banks offer unique scuba-diving experiences in "The Graveyard of the Atlantic." The area owes its moniker to the more than 1,500 shipwrecks (at least 200 named and identified) whose remains inhabit the region's ocean floor. Experienced divers enjoy the challenge of unpredictable currents and always seem to find something new to explore beneath the ocean's surface. From 17th-century schooners to World War II submarines, wreckage lies at a variety of depths, in almost every imaginable condition. Some underwater archaeological shipwreck sites are federally protected and can be visited but not touched. The dive season generally runs May 1 through October 31. Contact Ride the Wind 252-928-6311 for more information.Up
Ocracoke Fish House Seafood Catch of the Day - Local fisherman unload seasonal catch daily (until the waters cool) at the docks of Ocracoke Seafood Company 252-928-5602, Hwy 12 along Silver Lake Harbor. OSC is the island's original fish house and home of the non-profit Ocracoke Working Watermen's Assoc. Here you can find the fresh catch of the day, often along with shrimp, crabs, tuna, flounder, oysters and clams. Steamed shrimp, raw bar items, spices & condiments are also available. See our Working Watermen's section.Up
Shelling on Ocracoke Island
Shelling - A good time to search for shells is at changing tides, after high tide or particularly ...following a storm. If you are seeking whole shells, look where the beaches have gentle slopes. Dr. Beach recommends Ocracoke's north shore for shell seekers.Up
Ocracoke Island Shopping

Shopping - Many of Ocracoke's tiny streets are home to local artists and entrepreneurs with cottage industries. Check out some of our favorites, then seek your own. Call first for hours as most are closed from Thanksgiving to Easter.

  • Ocracoke Coffee Company 252-925-7473,Back Road
  • Zillie's Island Pantry, gourmet items/beers/wine/cheese, 252-928-9036, Back Road
  • Island Artworks 252-928-3892, British Cemetery Road
  • Over the Moon 252-928-3555, British Cemetery Road
  • Down Creek Gallery 252-928-4400, Hwy 12 along the harbor
  • Secret Garden Gallery 252-928-6793, Back Road
  • Downpoint Decoys, Hwy 12 along the harbor
  • Pirate's Chest, souvenirs 252-928-4992, Hwy 12
  • Deepwater Pottery 252-928-3926, School RoadUp
Springer's Point Nature Preserve
Springer's Point Nature Preserve - Encompassing more than 120 acres of rare maritime forest (including gnarled live oaks) tidal red cedar forest, salt marsh, wet grasslands and sound front beach, this tranquil preserve was opened to the public in 2006. The area sports a cultural history as well as an astounding array of plant and bird species. Historically referred to as "Teach's Plantation," Springer's Point is the reputed haunt of the legendary pirate, Blackbeard, who met his fate at Teach's Hole, just off the point. Plan to hike or bike to the preserve access on Loop Road. There is no parking at the site or along the one-way street. Also see Hammock Hills Nature Trail.
Sunrise & Sunset Viewing on Ocracoke Island
Sunrise/Sunset Viewing - Are you looking for the best vantage point? We recommend the South Point of the National Seashore for either sunrises or sunsets if you have a ORV for beach driving. If not, any beach facing the Atlantic will provide you with a sunrise vantage point while Silver Lake Harbor and Springer's Point are both great spots to view spectacular sunsets.Up
Surf Ocracoke

Surfing - The Outer Banks has been the surfing center of the East Coast since the late 60’s. Unrestricted beaches and lots of waves are enhanced by beach breaks created by shifting sandbars. Beginning in 2000, Ocracoke H.S. became the only school east of the Mississippi to conduct a surfing class. We don't find that unusual since surfing is as much of a way of life here on Ocracoke as bicycles or fishing vessels. Surfing is prohibited only within the designated beach swimming area just south of the NPS Ocracoke Campground along Hwy 12.

Bob, at Ride the Wind Surf & Kayak, says, "I surf every morning of the year and invite anyone to join me." Give him a call at 252-928-6311 for location and time to meet. Then, be sure to check out Ride the Wind for all your surfing needs.Up

Swimming on Ocracoke Island
Swimming - The ocean water is often warm enough for swimming well into the autumn months. However, the single lifeguard-attended beach on Ocracoke (just south of the campground along Hwy 12) is only staffed from early June to late August. Please read our Swimming Tips section for safe fun.Up
Take-Out Foods on Ocracoke

Take-Out - One of our favorite to-go sources is Jason's 252-928-3434 on Hwy. 12.. Additionally, believe it or not, the Ocracoke Station 252-928-2639 along Hwy. 12 provides great breakfast sandwiches, hot winter lunch specials and deli sandwiches to order.Up

Ocracoke Walking Tour

Tours - Ocracoke Walking Tour & Guide Book - In a comprehensive paperback by Ruth Fordon & Jenny Scarborough, visitors are led on a 1.7 mile walking tour that can be leisurely accomplished in 2 hours. But, we must warn you, there are lots of interesting distractions along the way to lengthen your journey.Up

Tours - Ghost & Historic Walking Tours- Ocracoke native Philip Howard is a long-time collector of island stories who traces his ancestry back eight generations to William Howard, Blackbeard’s quartermaster & colonial owner of Ocracoke Island. Contact Howard at the Village Craftsmen 252-928-5541 for his schedule of 'Round Creek or Down Point tours.Up

Waterfowl Hunting on Ocracoke Island
Waterfowl Hunting - To hunt legally at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, you must have on your person a valid North Carolina hunting license with North Carolina waterfowl privilege and a Federal Duck Stamp. Hunting is permitted on the Pamlico Sound side of Highway 12, within 250 feet of the shoreline excluding Ocracoke Village, Hammock Hills Nature Trail and the posted area near the Ocracoke Pony Pasture. Contact the National Parks Service for a complete list of hunting regulations. Several guides are available on the island. Try Earl Gaskins and Kenneth Tillett of Pamlico Sound Waterfowl Hunting 252-928-2504 or fourth generation native guide Wade Austin 252-928-7170 for curtain blind hunting.Up
Ocracoke Whale Watching

Whale Watching - Whale watching is an exciting, albeit elusive, pursuit. There are more species of whales passing by the coast of North Carolina than anywhere in eastern North America. Groups of small-to-medium-toothed whales make passage anywhere from near offshore to within sight of the beach. Deeper offshore is the migration path for killer and blue whales. The three largest species are the sperm whale, humpback, and fin whale. The sperm whales make their way past our coast in the springtime. In the winter you may see both humpback and fin whales. The humpbacks are particularly visible from the shore. They can be seen breaching and lunge feeding. In the latter action, the whale blows a bubble net to corral fish, then leaps through it open-mouthed to gulp everything in its path. Pilot whales can often be seen offshore year-round. Even the most endangered species, the Northern Right whale, was identified while scratching its head on an Outer Banks sandbar. Whether sitting on the beach with binoculars or viewing the creatures from an offshore charter boat, whale watching is an awe-inspiring pastime.

Contact Capt. Reid Robinson for whale watching excursions 252-921-0120Up

WiFi Internet Access

Wi-Fi Internet Access - Call ahead for hours.

  • Ocracoke Library 252-928-4436, Back Road
  • Zillie's Island Pantry 252-928-9036, Back Road
  • Ocracoke Coffee Company 252-925-7473, Back Road (Closed winter)
Ocracoke Working Watermen's Exhibit Working Watermen's Association Exhibit - Learn about the life and history of local Ocracoke watermen (clammers, crabbers, oystermen, commercial and recreational fishermen) at the Community Square docks along Hwy. 12 along Silver Lake Harbor. Occasional hands-on activities and classes that focus on wildlife, fishing and the environment are located in the little building under the Portsmouth Tours sign. See vintage photos, decoys and antique fishing tools. Learn more about Ocracoke watermen at www.ocracokewatermen.org and see their Seafood Catch of the Day section!Up
Ocracoke Churches

Worship Services -

  • Ocracoke Assembly of God, 252-928-9001, 459 Lighthouse Road: Sunday School 10:00 a.m., Worship 11:00 a.m., Evening Services Sunday and Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
  • Ocracoke United Methodist Church, 252-928-6219, 71 School Road: Taize-style Meditative Service 7:00 a.m., Sunday School 9:30 a.m.,, Traditional Worship 11:00 a.m.

Check with us for off-season cottage rental "Specials" and weekend rates!